Decaffeination Process DemusAqua or DA

This style of natural water decaffeination takes place in the Demus S.p.A plant in Trieste, Italy.

Green coffee and pure water are loaded together into a tank that is agitated or stirred. This mixture is heated to the temperature set to start the extraction process.

Pure water H2O is a solvent but it is not a selective solvent to extract only caffeine from coffee beans the water will extract almost all water soluble substances from coffee and the solution obtained is composed by coffee flavours and caffeine.

This solution continuously flows and passes through a bed of special activated carbon filters with selectivity towards caffeine and its molecules are captured. The solution now deprived of the caffeine is still rich of coffee aromas which are sent back favouring the caffeine stripped coffee.

After this stage, the residual aqueous solution is concentrated to suitable conditions without the caffeine. When full concentration of flavours in the solution is reached, the reincorporation phase begins.

This stage consists in putting the coffee in contact with the concentrated solution in suitable conditions to facilitate penetration of the flavouring in the coffee bean, thus reintroducing the beans original flavour extracted beforehand.

The coffee is then dried and cooled. Finally the coffee is bagged as per our specifications.