What we do.

Just Decaf is a decaf coffee roaster – we are roasting the widest range of top quality naturally processed (chemical free) decaf coffees to be found.

Who are we?

We are a small team of very experienced individuals working wholeheartedly on sourcing the very best decaf coffee we can find. Just Decaf was set up and is owned by Coffee Real Ltd, a speciality coffee roaster founded in 2008.

How we work.

We work directly with farmers and overseas exporters in a very honest and open collaboration to produce some of the best naturally processed decaf coffee available.

In very basic terms: - we research, we travel, we meet, we taste, we shake hands and we buy, we decaf and import, we sample roast and we taste, we market our coffee online, our customers order, we roast to order, pack and send out.

Then we start all over again……

How we decaffeinated our coffee.

We have a choice on using five different ways to naturally decaffeinate our coffees. The choice is normally made by where the coffee is grown as there are only five natural process decaffeination facilities worldwide are they are in Mexico, Columbia, Canada, Germany and Italy. For more information see our (Learn About Decaf) section.

Why do we focused on decaf.

We want decaf drinkers to experience the best naturally processed decaf – we want to offer our customers to chance to (take the journey) as we say - find new and exciting decaf coffees rather than being stuck with the same old choice each time you visit - coffees will change as new crops arrive from around the world.