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Mexico Cangrejales Coop Swiss Water Decaf

What's it like?

A sensational coffee - lot of chunkiness to this cup, chocolate and toffee balanced by interesting and complex citric and mallic acidity.

With Milk - raw sugar and nuts (walnut), dark chocolate, biscuit dough


Coffee Cangrejales Mountain Water Decaf
Farm Cangrejales Coop
Variety Bourbon / Caturra
Owner Cangrejales Coop
City/Town Cangrejales
Region Siltepec
Country Mexico
Certification Swiss Water Decaf


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(From a side-by-side cupping of several other coffees). A tangy, fruity acidity, some subtle fermented flavour but not strongly so. Quite acidic so not really my style but pleasant enough. I think I'd prefer it if the roast were lighter so that the berry notes were cleaner.


I have had to switch to dcaf for medical reasons, and have spent weeks trying decafs from different companies. This Mexican Cangrejales is the first one that I have tried that I really enjoy and I would not be able to tell it is a decaf, if I tasted it blind. A great coffee


I love this - am on my third order of it now.


I buy a variety of coffee from many different vendors and this is the only one I return to. beautiful coffee


Made in a cafetière, lovely strong brew.

I used beans to cup machine with these beans and make a two shot black americano. Normally I find decaf a little flat but this coffee was rich and flavourful
I've tried a range of the coffees from Just Decaf and this is, by a mile, my favourite. It is very complex and the tasting notes have it to a tee. Definitely recommend either with milk or without. My preference is as either an espresso or with some warm oatmilk.
Another surprisingly good coffee here, good first impression on me for Mexican coffee!
This is not just the best decaf coffee I have ever had but the best coffee I have ever bought. I have bought many from independent roasters. Caffeine is not doing me any good any longer but I was willing to go back to caffeinated coffee because of the not so great decaf beans I received from other roasters. I grind the beans myself and use an electric filter coffee machine. I drink this coffee black.
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Additional Information

As far as we are concerned Marta González and Martha Ramírez are geniuses of the highest order. They grow bloody good coffee and then sell it to us at a ridiculously high price, which benefits them and their families, and wonderfully so, you too!

We were here last year (2017) in the village of Cangrejales and spent time at the Cangrejales Coop, which is in the municipality of Siltepec, Southwest Chiapas. Really nice people, very weloming indeed.

The growing areas sit along the Sierra Madre de Chiapas mountain range at about 1900 masl - the weather cool, sun is bright, rain is frequent which all adds up to great coffee growing land.

Most of the growers operate on small plots and it is a family affair - each hold their own processing equipment. Coffee is depulped into tanks for fermentation, and then dried on raised beds.


Decaffeination Process Swiss Water

The Swiss Water Method of Decaffeination was introduced by The Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee Company of Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada in 1988

This method is different in that it does not directly or indirectly add chemicals to extract the caffeine. Rather, it relies entirely on two concepts - solubility and osmosis - to decaffeinate coffee beans.

The process begins by immersing a batch of green coffee beans in very hot water in order to dissolve and extract the caffeine. The water is then drawn off and passed through an activated charcoal filter.

The porosity of this filter is sized to only capture larger caffeine molecules, while allowing smaller oil and flavour molecules to pass through it. However, this extraction process will also extract desirable oils and other solids from the beans, resulting in beans with no caffeine and no flavour in one tank, and caffeine-free but with flavour water in another tank.

The Swiss Water process method attempts to overcome this difficulty by first discarding the flavourless caffeine-free beans, and then reusing the flavour-rich water to remove the caffeine from a fresh batch of coffee beans.Water saturated in this way is referred to as green coffee extract or GCE. It is created using a separate batch of green coffee beans, which are immersed in water and then discarded. In a pre-loading tank, water, cane sugar and formic acid are mixed and heated and used to preload carbon filter columns.

The GCE is then filtered over the columns to extract caffeine from it. A fresh batch of green coffee beans is then immersed in the GCE to remove caffeine but retain other components.The other components can be retained because the water is already saturated with flavour ingredients, therefore, the flavours in this fresh bath cannot dissolve - only caffeine moves from the coffee beans to the water.

This results in decaffeination without a massive loss of flavour. The process of filtering the GCE to remove caffeine and immersing the beans is repeated until the beans are 99.9% caffeine free by mass, meeting the required standard.This process takes 8 to 10 hours

Brew Process

We think this coffee is best brewed via paper filter, either V60 and Chemex - ratio 35g to 495 brewed weight.